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  • Forskolin Extract

    Forskolin – or the costus barbatus plant – is a perennial plant the belongs to the mint family. Native to India and East Africa, Forskolin aids in weight loss, muscle building, and issues with metabolism and digestive disorders. Traditionally used for gastric problems and skin irritation, pure Forskolin is now widely used as a supplement to amp up one's metabolism, positioning it as a weight-loss aid.

    In a study with overweight participants who were given 250 milligrams of pure Forskolin extract twice a day, members had marked improvements in overall body fat over the span of 12 weeks when compared to people who were given a placebo. Another independent study also demonstrates that pure Forskolin can help with weight loss and muscle building.

    Who Should Take Forskolin Extract?

    People who are overweight or are fighting plateaued weight loss may reap the most benefits by taking a Forskolin supplement and adding it into their weight loss plan. Individuals who are overweight tend to suffer from a trifecta of problems that may be alleviated with the help of Forskolin: slowed metabolism, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels.

    A note on consumption, dosage, and compatibility: it is best to take Forskolin from a reliable source, like Perfect Nutra Forskolin extract. Even though Forskolin is a fragrant herb and some people may use it in their cuisine, our Forskolin extract delivers a quality dose of 250 milligrams of the active ingredient per serving.

    It is important not to tamper with the capsules or seal, as the active ingredient can irritate the respiratory tract or cause stinging of the eyes if it gets near your face. People who are currently taking blood thinners should sway away from forskolin as it can potentially interact with its active ingredients. If you are taking other medication, then consult the help of your doctor or physician to ensure compatibility.

    Health Benefits of Perfect Nutra Forskolin Extract

    • Forskolin has been know to help with weight loss. Forskolin has been able to draw the attention of athletes due to its fat burning abilities. Even though it is best taken internally, there has been studies that Forskolin can target site-specific fat loss when topically applied.
    • Reduces high blood pressure. One of its ancient uses was its ability to remedy heart conditions like hypertension. Forskolin has been demonstrated to effectively reduce blood pressure in 75 percent of patients who were tested.
    • Prevent weight gain. Forskolin can stabilize and improve metabolism, which tends to be a barrier for many people who have plateaued while losing weight. A revved up metabolism will be able to transfer energy from foods and reduce the likelihood of it converting into fat. 

    Perfect Nutra Forskolin Extract: Quality Ingredients

    Pick a formula that is formulated with the whole Forskolin plant – including its root extract. This will ensure that you are using a robust and effective Forskolin extract. Perfect Nutra products are formulated with the Forskolin root and 20 percent of concentrated Forskolin extract, with other ingredients to help stabilize it, delivering a potent dosage of Forskolin.

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