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  • Detox Cleanse

    The colon is part of a network of organs that are designed to eliminate toxins in the intestines, lymph nodes, and blood. The primary function of the colon is to absorb water and minerals, with the result being waste prepared for elimination.

    The colon contains dozens of microflora that aid in digestion, with the colon consistently maintaining an ideal pH balance to prevent the proliferation of a bacterial imbalance. A natural colon cleanse restores harmony, ensuring that the flora in the colon is optimal for digestion.

    Who Should Use a Colon Cleanse Treatment?

    Ideal candidates are those who are suffering from digestive discomfort. Some of the more common signs of distress include constipation, diarrhea, incessant bloating, and irritable bowel movements. Though, anyone who may benefit from potential weight loss or who feels sluggish.

    Benefits of Perfect Nutra Detox Cleanse

    Exercise and eating wholesome foods are the hallmark of a healthy person. Due to external stressors, the body needs support to remove toxins which can quickly accumulate in the colon. Some of the benefits of a natural colon detox program include: 

    • Alleviating constipation. Constipation is usually a sign of poor digestion, as your body will have a difficult time processing and eliminating waste. Constipation can potentially lead to the colon's inability to absorb nutrients. Our colon detox program will help eliminate undigested waste and ensure the regularity of healthy bowel movements.
    • Encourage healthy weight loss. An imbalanced flora in the colon can stifle weight loss efforts. By aiding your colon in absorbing minerals, your body's gastrointestinal system will ensure that your body takes advantage of whole foods. A detox cleanse can also be used as a springboard to your weight loss efforts, with the cleanse helping to remove matter from your system, prepping it for nutritionally-sound foods. 

    Is not just a colon detox – it's a whole body detoxification. Your body is extraordinarily efficient at eliminating contagions and detoxifying itself in any given moment. However, our high stress, highly polluted environment hinders our body to process these toxins properly. In layman's terms: a healthy colon is a healthy human.

    Why Perfect Nutra Products Are Superior

    Fennel seed powers our colon detox - Native to South Europe, the fennel seed contains numerous antioxidants like quercetin and kaempferol, removing free radicals not only in the colon, but also in the body. It is also rich in dietary fiber, which bulks up in the digestive tract, helping to remove waste in the colon. Fennel is naturally an insoluble fiber, binding to bile and limiting its reabsorption in the colon.

    The second ingredient is cascara sagrada, which has been known to be a remedy to help alleviate constipation. Historically named the "sacred bark" due to its effectiveness, this plant material has anthraquinone derivatives, which are known to stimulate peristalsis, or the muscles lining the colon. These muscles are used to expel waste from the colon.

    Why  Perfect Nutra?

    Our proprietary formula will ensure optimal health for not only the colon but also the gastrointestinal tract. Our detox cleanse are made with superior ingredients, reducing the chance of any adverse side effects.

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