African Mango Extract

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  • African Mango Extract

    African Mango has been ultra-popular diet supplement in the Hollywood movie industry. From recent years it is available for official purchasing. We are proud to have one of the best formulas with maximum effect.

    More than 60 capsules of our African mango extract will help you significantly in your weight loss efforts. How? With the improvement of your metabolism through consumption of the strong antioxidants contained within this extract.

    See why it was featured on Dr. Oz show and why it is one of the most popular and used weight loss supplements in the world. Take just 2 pills a day before eating your meals. 100% Money Back Guarantee for our IG extract.

    *African Mango Extract Benefits

    There are multiple benefits for your body! First of all, it will return your metabolism to normal if you suffer from metabolism problems and you are gaining your weight due to that.

    The key feature of the African Mango that helps in the metabolism boost is the high content of fiber in the seeds, which are the main ingredient of our tablets.

    The high fiber content is also extremely helpful against fat loss and losing weight. It is another great benefit of using the African Mango extract.

    When combined with low-fat diet, the African Mango also lowers appetite and again influences weight loss in that way.

    The high content of fiber with a combination of other powerful ingredients also can significantly lower cholesterol in the blood. While other studies also showed that the powerful extract of the African Mango can lower sugar levels and improve energy levels. On top of that, it also positively influences the leptin levels and controls the glucose.

    These are great powerful positive effects of the African Mango that can help you feel a lot better. In combination with a good diet, this extract can give stunning results.

  • More Information about African Mango
  • African Mango comes from the tree Irvingia Gabonensis or IG as it is commonly found on the internet. Alternative names are dika, dikanut, odika, ogbono, sweet bush mango. For years it was one of the most kept secrets of the tribes in Cameroon and Nigeria.

    This tree only grows in Central and West Africa and over the years it got so popular that many companies from the health industry started producing it. In areas where the African Mango grows, it is eaten by the local population. Its main healthy ingredients are in the seed and nut (fresh or dried). This ingredient is later used in the tablets.

  • Scientific Studies for African Mango
  • Tens of studies were done in the last few years that confirm the all of the benefits of using this powerful extract. For example, two studies showed that when combined with low-fat diet, people lost more weight using IG together with the diet, than without it. Additionally, IG is great when used with other supplements like the Garcinia Cambogia. Another study showed that when combined with other supplements that go through the process of herbal preparation, also resulted in weight loss. 

  • Perfect Nutra: 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Yes, like any of our supplements, the IG extract of African Mango extract comes with 100% money-back guarantee if it fails to result in any fat loss. We are proud of our supplement, and if you are not happy after 30 days of everyday usage, you will get your money back! However, we doubt that you will ever need to use this. Instead, we think you will become a returning customer of this powerful supplement.

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